Author: Elda Hamaker

U Sadlu

U Sadlu is an anomaly. Take a typical Prague pub/restaurant, add happy waiters, and food that has gone Euro. The place is truly amazing. Once you can get past the writing on the menues (its in some Heiroglyphic-Old German hybrid font) you will enter a world of well-cooked, fresh meats and chicken, prepared with a staggering array of inspired Czech sauces. Its pub food that won’t sit on you for the requisite week that most pub fare does. Its pub food whose dishes don’t begin with the word “smazeny.” The best part of it is that dishes cost around...

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Country Life

A natural life is the life for me! A vegetarian restaurant and also a shop with food and drinks, Country Life offers a large selection of bread and meat-free delicacies, especially fresh salads, which will be also enjoyed by a really strict fan of healthy eating. 4 Locations; Jungmannova 1, Praha 1, Tel: +420 2419 1739, Metro Narodni trida, Trams: 3, 9, 18, 24 • Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Tel: +420 2421 3366, Metro Mustek, see others and hours at...

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Govinda’s Vegetarian Club

Looking for a place to get your chakras aligned? Or perhaps you are just in need of a hearty vegetarian meal, but you’re also on a tight budget? Well, look no further, U Govinda Vegetarian Club is the place for you. Conveniently located on Soukenicka, U Govinda is run by the Hare Krishna here in Prague. The atmosphere is serene, and the food, served cafeteria-style by smiling Czech Krishnas in sans, is some of the tastiest and most generous portions of Indian cuisine around. A small donation entitles you to a heaping helping of the daily menu of rice...

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