Jakarta is a truly special multi cultural city but imagine you were in Jakarta for only a day and you didn’t know what to do, this guide will show you some things that you can do in your very short time in this amazing city.


Pick your accommodation

Time is of the essence here, so you need to pick a hotel that is centrally located and can allow you to get to all the attractions in quick time. The Grand Hyatt Jakarta is the perfect example of this, especially since it is located in the heart of the city and also very close to the National Monument.


The National Monument

The National Monument of Indonesia is located right at the centre of Merdeka Square (one of the largest squares in the world) and is an iconic sight of the Jakarta skyline. The monument is dedicated to the hard struggles of the Indonesian people to gain independence from the Dutch Empire. Of course an event of such significance deserves a magnificent monument and the tower rises 132 metres above the city, and it is possible to go the observation deck near the top of the monument, which gives stunning views of the city and its surrounds.


The National Museum

One you have finished taking in the beauty of the National Monument you can head over to the National Museum, that is conveniently located just across the road from the West side of Merdeka square. This striking building features striking Doric architecture and houses a unique collection of ancient Indonesian artifacts, as well as other sections devoted to the arts, culture, religion and language in Indonesia.


Jakarta Cathedral and Istiqlal Mosque

Again these two contrasting places of worship are located just off Merdeka Square on the northeast side and there is very little space separating them. The cathedral is in a Neo Gothic style with two bold and sharp spires that protrude from its top, while the Istiqlal Mosque sits opposite in a pure white and modern style of Islamic architecture. This is a unique contrast of two religions and is a sign of the past and present domination of religions in Indonesia.


The Old Town


This is a great place to end the day as your time in Jakarta comes to a close. The old town, or Kota Tua as it is known, is the original downtown area of the city and pays homage to Indonesia’s mixed cultural past. The buildings have a unique flair with Dutch/European style architecture mixed with traditional elements of Chinese and Javanese buildings. This place is filled with things to do, in particular a number of interesting museums, like the Jakarta History Museum.